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William C. Rempel

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BILL REMPEL IS AN AWARD-WINNING investigative journalist with 36 years experience covering foreign and national projects for the Los Angeles Times. His reporting on the corrupt regime of Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos led to disclosure of the Marcos diaries and his first book, Delusions of a Dictator for Little, Brown & Co. (1993). Rempel spent nearly a decade in secret contacts with a former Colombian drug cartel figure in the federal witness protection program before writing  At the Devil’s Table for Random House (2011). The book has been published in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and (soon) Italian. Under its Spanish title, En la Boca del Lobo, it was developed as an 80-episode telenovela by Sony-Teleset in 2014 (available on Hulu). Season 3 of the English-language Netflix series “Narcos” features the book’s account of the Cali cartel and its fall. Additional film treatments are in development. Bill’s third book, The Gambler, is a narrative biography of aviator, tycoon, philanthropist, and life-long gambler Kirk Kerkorian. It is scheduled for publication with HarperCollins on January 23, 2018.